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PLC Programming:

We program a variety of PLCs from an array of manufacturers. Our focus is to provide well documented and efficient PLC code that can be scaled to meet your future needs. We have years of experience working with PLC systems including Allen Bradley PLC, SLC, and ControLogix; GE Fanuc; Modicon; and Omron. We use PLCs for machine level control to take advantage of their reliability, stability, standard programming structure, and wide support base of knowledgeable technicians.
PC Programming:
PCs are an integral part of our systems where data monitoring and reporting, interfacing to warehouse data systems, or user input and display are required. Utilizing Visual C, C++, BASIC languages and socket streaming, we design software packages to fit your needs from simple graphical user interfaces to complex interactive systems that allow real-time access and analysis of your system. 
Our software is designed in modules or "building blocks" that can be added to or removed from a system quickly for maximum flexibility. In all of our systems, PC and PLC controls blend seamlessly to create an efficient, reliable system that gets pertinent information to the right people at the right time.  
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